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Dr Jose Lourenco


My D.Phil and first postdoctoral research projects have focused on the population biology and control of dengue viruses. My current research has shifted to other RNA viruses such as HIV and FluA, and I have recently started to work in the population biology of Streptococcus bacterium species. In general, my research interests are in the major determinants for the population dynamics of multi-strain pathogens (ex. ecological, demographic, evolutionary, etc).

I am particularly keen in the application of mechanistic, dynamical models that allow for the interpretation of the biological system in terms of the individual behaviour and short-term evolution of both the host and pathogen (Individual-based models). In parallel to my research focus, I have grown increasingly interested in Public Health policy and infrastructure, to which I plan to invest in the near future.



Email:  jose.lourenco [at]

Twitter: @LourencoJML

GitHub: /lourencol


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